Christmas Tree Lighting

Christmas Tree Lighting in Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs is one of the many picturesque small villages around Pennsylvania.  Beginning the first week of December, the town becomes magical.

The first Sunday in December is the date of the annual Christmas Tree lighting on the Childrens’ Lake.

Hundreds of luminaries line the lake and crowds gather near the Gazebo to watch Santa Claus row his boat across the lake to greet the children.  A Christmas Tree that is set afloat near the Memorial Clock Tower is lit at this time.

Even on the coldest days, the warmth of the town and the people make this night one of the more memorable holiday experiences.  If there is snow on the ground – I consider this a holiday “Must Do!”

There is no charge for this event.

Image provided by the CVVB

8 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Lighting in Boiling Springs

  1. From what I was just told (12/30/09) by a Civic Association Member the Schedule for the Candles around the Lake posted on Dec.10, 2009 is not exactly correct. I was told that they are lit every night between Christmas and New Years and just weekends prior to Christmas. I highly recommend that in future years the schedule be posted on the Main Webpage for this site, since this INFO was really not very easy to find. THANKS

    • I have to agree with you, Marty. I should have replaced that Update box about the lake repairs with the Tree Lighting and Lake Candles. I may have a solution for that in the future. Thanks!

  2. Are the luminaries and tree lighted every night? If not, what is the schedule. I’d like to get my adult children together to come see your display. It sounds lovely.

    • The schedule for the candle lighting (in the past) has been each weekend from the lighting of the Christmas tree on the lake – and then each night for approx 5-7 days before Christmas (depending on what day Christmas falls)

  3. While I have lived in central Pa for sometime now, 12 years, I am new to the Boiling Springs area. My family and I attended the halloween parade, what a great evening! We look forward to the tree lighting ceremony.

    I’ve never been to it, but I have to believe from all I have seen so far in this little town, the author above will be proven correct in stating it is a Christmas season “must do.”

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