Add your Business or Organization

There is no charge to list your organization or business on, but you will have to do some work to write your article.  Your business name, address, phone and website are important, but simple detail like that is for the Yellow Page or simple web directories.  Earn your new customer and website link by telling them who you really are and what you offer.  Who knows your business better than you!

Before you start – here are the requirements:

  1. Your business or organization must be physically located in Boiling Springs, PA.
  2. You need to provide an interesting paragraph and at least one large photo for the listing.
  3. Include not only what your business does or provides, but also some information on WHY you are in the business, or in the area.

Post your information (excluding the image(s)) in the comment section below and we will email you back with information clarification and image requests.

We look forward to meeting and promoting your business!  You can jump to the comment section below  to start the process.

Tips and Suggestions:

  1. Content is King, still!  Search Engines like content.  They see directories all the time.  If your business is described here and on other sites, they will be indexed much better.
  2. Search Engines are getting smarter too.  Instead of directing you to a ‘Yellow Pages’ type site, they now display that pertinent information on the search results page.  If there is no more informational value on the destination site – why would a searcher go on to learn more?  Give them a reason!
  3. Although good “Content” articles should be around 1,500 words long, your business listing can’t support that here, the content should be at least 100 words more.  On a side note:  You should think about writing longer articles and posting them on your own site.
  4. Crisp, clean images will catch a users eye.  Some images are posted alongside search results listings too.  Submit good images – or take the time to get good, new images (for anywhere you list!)