Allenberry Playhouse

Allenberry Playhouse
1559 Boiling Springs Road
Boiling Springs, PA 17007
(717) 258-3211

Allenberry Playhouse opened in the summer of 1949 and has become a leading attraction and activity at Allenberry Resort.

The playhouse opened with a summer stock run of just 10 weeks.  Today the season lasts more than 40 weeks, starting in March and running through December.  For more than 50 years Allenberry has presented professional casts perform Broadway productions.

Charles A.B. Heinze was the founder of the Allenberry Players and Richard North Gage was the original managing director.

You can find the current Allenberry Playhouse schedule on their website.

4 thoughts on “Allenberry Playhouse

  1. The performance by Andrea Rouch during which she portrayed a vantriloquist’s dummy was the best and most hilarious we’ve ever witnessed.
    After living in Manhattan and attending countless Broadway productions, Andrea tops them all in that scene for originality, perfect facial expression and overall performance. Far better than Renee Zellweger in the movie version of Chicago.
    Roses to her for one of the best routines ever on the Allenberry (or any other) stage.

  2. Thank You for making our viset so nice,this is our scond time there. we stayed in the pine lodge the 25 – 26 – 27 everything was so enjoyable, the playhouse program King & I was GREAT!

    We were fly fishing Friday morning a nice guy came over and took a picture of us then told us to check I can’t find what he was talking about. He told us he lived at the far side of the catch n release area. can you help me find what he was talking about.


  3. I had the opportunity to visit your playhouse and restaurant about two weeks ago and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed myself. The grounds are beautiful and so serene, something we need to regain the inner peace we all want. “Laides Night in a Turkish Bath” was great, and the buffet meal was superb. If you could put me on your mailing list, I’d appreciate it. My daughter lives close by and she and I might be able to attend something together. I look forward to visiting you again and enjoying everything about the Allenberry Playhouse.

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