Gazebo Rental at the Childrens Lake

How to reserve the Gazebo at the Children’s Lake:

This information was sent to us after quite a few inquiries to our website about use of the Gazebo.

“Use of the gazebo at Children’s Lake is administered by the National Park Service, but we can take care of the administrative logistics for you.

Basically, the process goes like this: we review the conditions of use, you apply for a special use permit which costs $50, we review the application and resolve any questions, and you get a special use permit. Feel free to give us a call.”

Office Manager
Appalachian Trail Conservancy Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

4 East First Street
PO Box 625
Boiling Springs, PA 17007-0625
Tel: 717.258.5771
FAX: 717.258.1442
Mid-Atlantic Appalachian Trail Committee

Many people have used the gazebo for their weddings, senior photos and other memorable moments. If you only plan to use the gazebo in passing, like your senior photos, there is no need to reserve the gazebo. However, if you want the private use of the gazebo for a ceremony or gathering –  please contact the ATC for use and permission.