Gelinas Manor Bed & Breakfast

Gelinas Manor Bed & Breakfast
219 Front Street
Boiling Springs, PA 17007
(717) 258-6584 / [Fax]:(717) 245-9328

A Victorian Bed and Breakfast located midway between Hershey and Gettysburg and just a short drive to Pennsylvania Dutch country just 4 miles from Carlisle.

Relax and get away from it all for a day or two. However, if you like, some of the best trout fishing in the country is just down the street, or since we are located midway between Hershey Park and Gettysburg, you can spend a day at each and return daily for a relaxing evening. Pennsylvania Amish Country is only 45 minute drive.

5 thoughts on “Gelinas Manor Bed & Breakfast

  1. Felt like I was in the Army again having to eat when called, and having no choice
    of menu. Skimpy breakfast. Place is cluttered, beds are fair. PD

  2. I stayed two nights at Gelanis B&B. I was greeted warmly and shown to an absolutely beautiful Victorian Bedroom with a canopy bed. I absolutely loved looking at all of the antique decorative pieces around the room. There was a coffee bar very accessible to me with various coffees and teas and cookies as well. Everything about the room was perfect! In the morning, the host made me a three course breakfast with wonderful tasty delicies that were all new to me. I have to return to the area next week with friends, and I cancelled the hotel we had plannd to stay at, and book another room at Gelanis. I would come back toBoiling Spring JUST to stay at this B&B.

  3. I am hiking the AT and decided to stay at Gelina’s Manor. When I arrived, I was not allowed to bring my backpack (my home for 6-months) inside. I was made to enter the rear of the home. Leo the owner showed me to my room and took the comforter off the bed when we entered. Two other hikers called while I was there and I over heard Gelina say “I’m sick of you GD hikers!” and hung up the phone. I packed my things and left.

  4. I can not find directions nowhere how to get to the Gelinas Manor. I can’t even find directions on this site how to get to Boiling Springs. I guess we must leave your site, and go to Map Quest to find your place. ——— George

    • @ George: I think that the Gelinas Manor has directions on their site. As far as the Boiling Springs site, we just switched over to a new design and are working to add features. A map of the general area is a good idea.

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