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2 thoughts on “Help! (( Getting around this website ))

  1. I would like to bring my grand kids to fish on March 24 at the Childrens Lake. I am looking for information about start time, requirements i.e. age, restrictions, license requirements etc. General information or point of contact would be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day and thanks.

    Hank Smith

    • Hi Hank,

      The village is not in charge of the first day of trout season. For that you need to visit Pennsylvania’s Fish Commission. Here is the link:

      One thing I noticed is that trout season opens on the 4th of April in Cumberland County – and you cannot fish in PA from March 1st until opening day… apparently anywhere in the state (someone can leave a comment if this is not correct, please…)

      You can also find all the rest of the information you requested at the Fish Commission website. Good luck fishing!

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