Mayapple Village Homeowners Association

Mayapple Village Homeowners Assn
Boiling Springs, PA 17007

Mayapple Village is a diverse community that provides a variety of residential styles within its bounds.  More than 180 Mayapple Village homeowners live in single family homes found along Derbyshire Drive, patio homes on Kitszell Drive, townhouses on Liberty Court, and in the condominiums of Meadowridge East and West.  This planned community is integrated within the Mayapple Golf Links. Residents may patronize the golf course and club house, of course, but it is not an official part of Mayapple Village.  Mayapple Village is located within the boundaries of South Middleton Township and the larger confines of Cumberland County, in south central Pennsylvania.

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  1. I live on derbyshire drive and was wondering if there is going to be a spring community yard sale and if so what is the date. Thank you.

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