3 thoughts on “South Middleton School District

  1. According to state standards, the district is required by law to provide these services, and most are covered by the state medical insurance that provided to children that require an IEP.

  2. I was very surprised and displeased to read in Thursday’s Sentinel, that you had approved expenditures of approximately $53,000 for physical therapy and occupational therapy for students. It is difficult to imagine how this could have happened. Those sorts of expenditures are not the business of the school district. What could have possessed you? Has no one mentioned that finances of your tax payers are limited at present? You should be seeking to conserve, not finding exotic ways to expend monies.

    • Niven, I just wanted to post to let you know that the District may not read this comment. This is not an official township board. This website is a community reference. Again – just an FYI. Tom

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